The purpose of this site is to allow users to project their finances 12 months ahead with an easy-to-use interface. The system will ask no more than an email and first name (or monicker if you prefer) for identification and login purposes. There will be no further personal information required so as to keep the data completely anonymous and known only to the owner of the email address provided.

There are various options available and these are fully explained in detail within the demo section. The more accurately you record all your income and outgoings, the more reliable will be the projection as to the state of your finances at the end of the rolling 12 month period. The basic intention is to allow users to plan and predict their expenditure patterns according to earnings rather than spend without really knowing whether the purchases are affordable or not. Obviously to begin with there will be no data so you will be required to estimate your income and expenses, breaking them down as accurately as you think best - helpful guidance will be provided.

Once you register we will send you an email for you to verify. After verification, you can log into the system and set up your your user's area where you will be able to start projecting your financial future.