About Us

Having used a spread-sheet based cashflow projection system (which I wrote myself) for a very long time, it is obvious that our financial well being rests on two main things. The first is your income and the second your expenditure. It is often a very tricky balancing act to ensure that we don't get ourselves into ever-growing debt. This occurs because we buy things without really knowing whether we can afford them or not and quite often people will wonder where their money has gone when they don't keep track of the items they buy and just as importantly when they buy them.

Being able to track and predict all your income and expenditure ahead enables you to make an informed decision about how much you can spend and when you can spend it. It also gives you an idea of whether at the end of the coming 12 month period, you will have saved any money or ended up in debt.

If you're saving for a mortgage deposit (for example) and you know you will need a certain amount by a certain time in the future, this system is ideal for being able to predict when you can expect to have the funds available and also regulate your expenditure so that once all the essentials are paid (e.g. rent), what amount of disposable income will be left.